Would you choose yourself as your Parent?

Are children the most beautiful thing in the world?

Is our DNA so amazing that we believe it’s our duty to pass it on? Is being a parent a form of authority?

Not all of us are meant to have children, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Each one of us travels towards self-fulfillment and we each share a unique path.

The unconscious or conscious decision to become a parent will determine the future of many others if a child who is born from unsuitable parents rises to power, or simply becomes an average citizen. Raising children is one of the greatest responsibilities bestowed on humanity. Hence, accepting that some of us should not become a parent is of paramount importance. We need to accept that society does not always have the right intentions.

How can this madness end? 

For this to happen we need to understand that the answer can be found both in human nature and science. But why do we insist in invoking those self-deception mechanisms that make us ignore these simple truths?

Of course, not every thing is lost because moral and intelligent people still exist. Unfortunately, though, they will soon be gone, and if we don’t lift our share of the burden, but choose to remain simple observers, then all will be irreversibly broken. 

History will not be a kind judge… for those who saw the light of virtuousness, chose to consciously turn off the power of change.

Each child’s birth Is the MOTHER of the greatest responsibility

G. Lagios